Prosis started in 1998, first as a pure LAN architecture (Borland Paradox/Delphi) and later followed by a client-server based solution (Corel Paradox/SQL). Since 2005 it has operated as a web-based solution (Macromedia CFMX and SQL 2000). In 2007 we moved on to Adobe ColdFusion 8, Adobe Flex 2 and SQL 2005, and in 2016 we deployed it under Adobe ColdFusion 2016, MS SQL 2014 and Exchange 2016 under IIS8.5 (Windows 2012 R2). Prosis is a business solution system that assures scalable, efficient and better business practices in the long term, allowing you to make important business decisions with greater confidence. Its flexible and intuitive design connects to people, processes and information in your company for more productivity.

Prosis focuses on information and process automation, allowing you to focus on value-added tasks instead of routine business operations. Real-time collaboration helps your company overcome distance, technological and time barriers, allowing it to strengthen its shared goals.


Manage, edit and control your business information from a variety of devices and browsers, all connected to a secure, fast and reliable cloud solution.

Workflow Management

We help you analyze and optimize your business processes, identifying bottlenecks and enabling workgroups to successfully oversee all the organization's activities.

Detailed, Customized Reporting

Our powerful and versatile Reports Platform will quickly provide specific, summarized and comprehensive data, including local databases and any other external resources.

Take control of your business

Watch this video to find out how Promisan and Prosis™ helped Kuntz optimize and manage their operations in The Netherlands.

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