About Promisan

Promisan B.V. is an independent Dutch company, which operates in the Netherlands with representation in Guatemala and the United States. We provide interactive consulting services, including design, development, and implementation of enterprise management and analytics solutions. We specialize in business analysis, solution design and system implementation services. We also provide affordable SaaS hosting (one-stop shop).

We bring to you more than 15 years of experience. At the very start-up of our company, we knew that to be able to provide solutions in every aspect of business and to be there at every stage of it, we needed a tool that allowed us the flexibility of doing so. Therefore, we created Prosis, our very own tool, with the objective of helping business owners and administrators optimize their internal processes. With Prosis we are able to analyze, detect, optimize, process and manage all business information.

Our representation in Guatemala is located in the heart of Guatemala City, a vibrant community of people with a multi-cultural base. Guatemala is located south of Mexico in the center of the Americas. It is a Spanish-speaking country, but Promisan's internal language is English and our team of experts, comprised mostly of Guatemalans, speak and write English proficiently.


Our professional team of developers and customer service representatives are committed to helping you achieve the most proficient information management and the success of your endeavors. The following are key fields in which our team can help you:

• Generating a successful information strategy
• Information planning and system architecture
• Information Systems review and auditing
• Implementation of Prosis Software
• Customized corporate website / portal design and development
• Data warehouse design and implementation
• Training and live support


First, we make sure that our customers understand our reason for being in business and who we are. Second, we want our customers to understand why we do what we do, and how we do it. This ensures that the customer selects the right company to help them with their information management goals. Third, we strive for excellence on each project through our strong commitment. With honest and effective communication, we take your business to the next level.


• Our values
• Our unparalleled commitment
• Our quality and truthful advice
• Our customized solutions based on our Adobe software framework, Prosis™

We deliver on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

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